Abstract handling is carried out by

MCI Amsterdam

Abstract handling will be carried out by:
MCI Amsterdam
Schipluidenlaan 4
NL-1062 HE Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Office opening hours: Monday to Friday 09:00 – 17:00 CET
Tel.: +31 20 5754220
E-mail: pswc@mci-group.com

The maximum number of abstracts that can be submitted by one author is 3 (three).

The deadline for abstract submission is 15 December 2019.

Abstracts can be submitted under the following topics:
Track A = Novel concepts – from disease to clinical candidates
Track B = Advanced strategies – meeting the challenges of optimal manufacture and delivery
Track C = Effective translation – from predictive experimental models to optimized clinical studies
Track D = Societal impact – developing context-appropriate solutions
Track E = Specific multi-disciplinary themes such as “information-based technologies”, “global health”, “new collaborative models”, and “workforce development”


The on-line abstract form should be used for submitting abstracts for review.

Please submit your abstract


The abstracts that are accepted for PSWC 2020 will be published:  

1) in the online FIP abstract database: www.fip.org/abstracts


2) in the Journal of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences: JPPS

JPPS is an open access journal and thus does not hold copyright. The authors will retain rights to publish follow up work.



How the FIP Abstract Mentoring Programme works
We have implemented an Abstract Mentoring Programme: an extra support for authors with
limited or no experience of submitting an abstract for a scientific congress.
The goal of the mentoring programme is to help authors present their material clearly and
concisely, before their abstracts are submitted for the formal abstract review process.
Because abstracts must be in English, the programme may be particularly helpful for those
whose first language is not English.

What mentors and mentees can expect

Abstract authors may send a draft of their abstract to a FIP mentor and feedback will be provided.
The volunteers who serve as a mentor in this process will pay attention to:
– Grammar and spelling
– Structure
– General content (e.g. does the project address a “significant”; or “important” issue? Would any further information improve the abstract?)
Comments from the mentor will be one-time-only advice. They will not be followed by correspondence between mentor and mentee.

It is important to note that the mentoring process is entirely separate from the formal abstract submission and review process. Requesting mentoring assistance and gaining feedback from that process will not guarantee that an abstract will be accepted for presentation at the congress.

Summary of important dates

1 December 2019: Deadline for sending in abstracts for mentoring
(in a Word document to abstracts@fip.org)

10 December 2019: Deadline for mentor to give feedback to mentee
15 December 2019: Deadline for abstract submission

For more information, please send an email to: abstracts@fip.org
Depending on the number of abstracts submitted, posters will be on display for one or more days. Presenters will be informed about this after the review process.
Poster board size The net size of the poster boards will be announced here as soon as possible and will be included in the FIP Guidelines for Poster Presenters.

Waiver of liability

All poster presenters are responsible for putting up and removing their own poster in a proper way and strictly within the indicated timeslots.
If presenters hang their poster too early or do not remove their poster in time, FIP is not responsible for any damage that might happen to the poster when it has to be removed by staff members.