7th FIP Pharmaceutical Sciences
World Congress (PSWC2020 Virtual)

Smart therapeutics for a complex world

Coronavirus: COVID-19

Given the continuing issues globally relating to the COVID-19 pandemic, FIP has taken the decision to transform the Pharmaceutical Sciences World Congress 2020 of May 2020 into a PSWC 2020 Virtual. It has been a difficult decision for our association, but one that has been led by responsibility, trust and solidarity: your safety and the well-being of your communities are our priority.

The new dates for PSWC 2020 Virtual will be 4 – 6 October 2020.

This will be a completely virtual event; the speakers’ presentations will be made available on video before each session, so that the session itself can be a vibrant live panel discussion with the speakers. Together with a virtual poster gallery, the videos and the live panel discussions, this concept will offer an excellent opportunity for our worldwide audience to be part of a truly international pharmaceutical sciences event!

We live in exciting times. More than ever, innovation is emerging at the interface of disciplines, holding the promise of smart therapeutics, medicines that are sophisticated in their design and optimized to meet the needs of individuals and communities in a complex world.

PSWC 2020 Virtual invites you to join leading experts from across the world, compare best practices and learn about the latest trends in pharmaceutical sciences, including the potential of information-based technologies, challenges and opportunities in global health, new collaborative models for stimulating innovation, and workforce development with interdisciplinary skills.

The programme is structured around four tracks covering key challenges in the continuum of drug discovery, development and optimal use at the individual and population levels.

Join PSWC 2020 Virtual and share the vision of smart therapeutics!

Novel concepts

From diseases to clinical candidates. Participants willexplore new concepts in our understanding of disease mechanisms, both at the molecular level as well as systems biology levels, and discuss cutting edge approaches to best discover and design appropriate therapeutic modalities, from small molecules to biologics, cell-based therapies or gene-targeted approaches.

Advanced strategies

Meeting the challenges of optimal formulation design and manufacture. Participants will discuss how to meet the demands of individualized medicine and global health with cutting-edge formulation, bioanalytical technologies and manufacturing strategies.

Effective translation

From predictive experimental models to optimized clinical studies. Participants will discuss how scientific, technological and regulatory developments can increase success rate in clinical trials and help better individualize treatments, with new predictive experimental models and innovative methods for monitoring treatment exposure and response.

Societal impact

Developing context-appropriate solutions. Participants willlearn how real-world evidence may contribute to address individual patient needs or important public health issues with the efficient implementation of therapeutic innovations in a context-appropriate manner in communities around the world.