Addressing barriers to uptake: Adherence, misinformation & anti-Science


Catherine Duggan, FIP, Netherlands


FIP is excited to announce a new initiative entitled “Transforming Vaccination Globally and Regionally.” This initiative involves a three-part series of 8 online events each,and is the first FIP transformational outcome-based online programme of its kind, culminating in the signing of a historical commitment by FIP and member organisations to transform vaccinations globally and regionally.

In this episode – “Addressing barriers to uptake: Adherence, Misinformation, & Anti-Science,” panellists with expertise in pharmaceutical sciences discuss the science of vaccination; new developments in vaccination delivery; the state of COVID vaccine research; medicine adherence with a focus on vaccine hesitancy; and the impact of misinformation and anti-science on the uptake of life-saving vaccination programmes.

We are pleased to feature interviews with scientists and vaccination experts Colin Pouton, Professor of Pharmaceutical Biology, Monash Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences (Australia) and Nikolai Petrovsky, Founder and CEO, Vaxine (Australia). The experts will be interviewed by Chair of FIP Board of Pharmaceutical Science Ross McKinnon and the event hosted by FIP CEO Catherine Duggan.

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  • Ross Mckinnon (College of Medicine and Public Health, Australia)


  • Colin Pouton (Monash Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Australia)
  • Nikolai Petrovsky, Founder and CEO, Vaxine (Australia)

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