B2 - Nanopharmaceuticals for precision drug delivery

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Erem Bilensoy (Hacettepe University, Turkey) and Tetsuya Ozeki (Nagoya City University, Japan)


This session will be dealing with the current trends driving the development of nanomedicines as well “nanosimilars” for therapeutic use. Although nanotechnology-based products are well established in daily use through the food, cosmetic, textile and environmental technologies, nanoscale products in the pharmaceutical field have still room for growth while constant questioning of efficacy and safety of these products. In the frame of this session proposal, EUFEPS Network on nanomedicine aim to cover innovative applications of nanomedicines and the use of global omics approaches to the pharmaceutical development and clinical evaluation of nanomedicines. The question will be discussed by speakers from different backgrounds through current data produced by the speakers and in the light of the regulatory challenges in this field.


Towards stratified medicine approaches using nanotechnology-based drug delivery systems: A focus on infectious diseases
Andrew Owen (University of Liverpool, UK)

Global omics approach for the development of nanomedicines in cancer; overcoming drug resistance and increasing selectivity
Erem Bilensoy (Hacettepe University, Turkey)

Delivering nanomedicines to the upper and lower airways
Fabio Sonvico (University of Parma, Italy)

Innovations and nanomedicines: Balancing responsible science with regulations for success
Mansoor Khan (Texas A&M College of Pharmacy, USA)

Learning Objectives

1- Participants will be able to take home techniques to use omics data in nanomedicine development

2- Participants will appreciate how to evaluate the efficacy and safety potential of different applications of nanomedicines (pulmonary, pediatric or mucosal)

3- Participants will have a better insight into the clinical outcome of nanomedicines

4- Participants will perceive how nanomedicines and nanosimilars are regulated and the current status of nanomedicines in the global pharmaceutical market