PSWC Young Scientists Satellite Conference Day 2

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Cloé Esposito and Élise Laszlo (Part 1); Anaëlle Monfort and Jakub Qazi (Part 2); Sara Soufsaf and Anaëlle Monfort (Part 3)


Part 1:

Jack Talks (mental health sessions)

Mental health literacy is less common than we all want to admit, yet this topic is still highly stigmatized worldwide. It affects our work, our relationships, our physical health and our general well-being. is a charity that trains and empowers young leaders who are revolutionizing mental health. They are working towards a Canada where all young people understand how to take care of their own mental health and look out for each other. A Canada without shame, and where all those that need support get the help they deserve. With a national network of 2800 young leaders, they’re only just getting started.


Safety is our top priority, so we ask that you please keep in mind your own safety and the safety of those in the audience when asking questions and while engaging throughout the Talk, and during the Q&A. The speakers are trained volunteers, but not mental health experts. Therefore, they do not have the adequate expertise to answer questions beyond the scope of the presentation or that pertain to audience anecdotes. They reserve the right to refuse to answer questions that do not meet these conditions. The session chair will also be monitoring audience questions to ensure these conditions are met. Appropriate questions include: clarifying certain presentations points, how to put them in practice and providing more examples. The session chair will also be monitoring audience questions to ensure these conditions are met, as well as the safety of the audience.

Part 2:

Scientification communication

Quick Tips is a live session that is designed to help people optimize their online presentation strategies.  Three topics will be covered: 1) basic set-up issues such lighting, camera and body position, 2) transforming powerpoint for the online environment, 3) engagement strategies to increase audience interaction.  Whether you are presenting at a research conference, preparing for your dissertation defense, or guest-lecturing for a class, you are sure to come away with some helpful tips that can increase your impact.

Speaker: Andrew Churchill, PhD, MBA, Hone Communications

Part 3:

Bringing pharmaceutical research to market

This session is designed to highlight translation of research into a useful product or impact. Two researchers will discuss examples where their research has translated to the market. Once case study will oook at a pharmaceutical product and how it reached the market the other will be a patient facing story where research had a direct impact on patient lives. This session will share the paths that were taken and highlight where others should seek opportunities to ensure that their research translates to the market.

Speakers: Hannah Batchelor, PhD,University of Strathclyde and Claire Thompson, PhD, Agility Life Sciences



Learning Objectives

Part 1:

  • To confer basic mental health knowledge (including the impact of Covid-19 on our mental health and the social determinants of mental health).
  • To learn to recognize, manage and prevent mental health struggles
  • To learn how to be there for yourself and others
  • To learn how to find local resources and community support
  • To learn how to get involved in youth mental health advocacy

Part 2:

  • To understand set-up strategies for online presenting
  • To learn about the changing demands of visuals in the online space
  • To develop strategies to increase audience engagement online

Part 3:

  • Understanding how to reach the market most relevant to your research
  • Understanding the role of teamwork in maximizing the translation of research
  • Developing strategies to translate research