C5 - Where the action is! Target site monitoring of local drug exposure

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Hartmut Derendorf (University of Florida, USA) and Teresa Dalla Costa (Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil)


It is of obvious great significance that the concentrations of pharmaceutical agents have to be sufficiently high at the target site to be successful. However, drug level monitoring in the clinic is usually done by measuring drug concentrations in the blood. Microdialysis is a monitoring technique that allows direct measurement of drug concentrations at any local site in the body. The method employs a probe with a semipermeable membrane that dialyses the interstitial tissue fluid at the site of interest. Of great advantage is the fact that the method directly assesses the unbound, free drug concentration at the site which is known to be pharmacologically active. Another technique that allows noninvasive monitoring of local exposure is imaging.


Microdialysis as a tool to monitor local exposure of anti-infective agents
Hartmut Derendorf (University of Florida, USA)

The use of microdialysis in translational drug development
Francine Johansson Azeredo (Federal University of Bahia, Brazil)

Microdialysis to monitor target site concentrations of large molecules
Vipada Khaowroongrueng (The Government Pharmaceutical Organization, Thailand)

Pharmacokinetic PET imaging in drug research
Oliver Langer (Medical University of Vienna, Austria)

Learning Objectives

– Understand the concepts of microdialysis and imaging as drug level monitoring tools to measure local drug concentrations at any site of interest in the body

– Realize the pitfalls of relying on blood concentrations or tissue biopsy concentrations to make decisions about optimum dosing

– Understand the power of translational extrapolations from preclinical to clinical settings to streamline drug development using microdialysis

– Appreciate the role of microdialysis and imaging in the clinic, both for clinical studies as well as in patient care