Serge Afeli

Serge A. Afeli, PhD, is the Director of Pharmacy Innovation and Entrepreneurship and Associate Professor of Pharmacology at Presbyterian College School of Pharmacy (PCSP). Prof. Afeli has published more than two dozen peer-reviewed scientific research articles and abstracts related to overactive bladder research, bladder cancer chemoresistance, viral induced hemorrhagic cystitis treatment, first generation college students success in pharmacy schools, students with learning disability, and the use of educational mobile applications in pharmacy schools. His current research focuses on the role of drug transporters in chemoresistance mechanism of bladder cancer patients. He is an active member of the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS) and the American Association of College of Pharmacy (AACP).

Prof. Serge A. Afeli, PhD, CGBP
Director Pharmacy Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Associate Professor of Pharmacology
Department of Pharmaceutical and Administrative Sciences
Presbyterian College School of Pharmacy

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