Tetsuya Ozeki

Dr. Tetsuya Ozeki is a Full Professor of Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences at Nagoya City University (NCU), Japan. He got a Ph.D. degree at Tokyo University of Pharmacy and Life Sciences (TUPLS) at 1995 and became a Research Associate of the same university. He was promoted to Assistant Professor (1999), Associate Professor (2006) of TUPLS. He moved to NCU as a Full Professor at 2009. From 2003 to 2004 he worked for Dept. of Pharm. Chem. of the University of Kansas as a Visiting Researcher in Prof. Valentino J. Stella’s Lab. He is member of Board of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Chair of the SIG on Drug Delivery and Manufacturing in FIP. He has been focusing on formulation of gold nanoparticles to deliver them to vascular endothelial cells, preparation of drug/polymer nanoparticles using spray drier equipped with the unique spray nozzle, pulmonary drug delivery, DDS for infectious diseases (TB, malaria), 3D printer technology, etc. He is a member of Board of Japan Society of Pharmaceutical and Machinery and Engineering and a President of the Forum for Pharmaceutical Technology Innovation. He got the Takeru & Aya Higuchi Memorial Prize from the APSTJ.